Antidiscrimination, curbing hate speech

Project: “Looking forward”

In March 2022, the Active Citizens Fund Bulgaria announced an extraordinary call for proposals under the Small Initiatives Scheme for projects in response to the challenges of the war in Ukraine. One of the...

Project: “What we can achieve together”

“Each of the stories we present are real, Bulgarian and need support.” So are the stories about the people and organizations working for the benefit of the Roma community. That’s why we also present...

FILM: A Life in Search of Justice

See a film about a woman who defends rights and fights against discrimination and injustice. In her life, she was pointed at for working with Roma, and the Roma remain accepted with suspicion – lawyer Daniela Mihailova.

FILM: Stronger Than Words – 5 filmmakers take a stand against hate speech, in 5 films without words

“Stronger Than Words” is a video omnibus dedicated to overcoming stereotypes towards different vulnerable groups in Bulgaria. For making it happen, the NGO Fine Acts worked with five Bulgarian filmmakers on five short films addressing hate speech that are thematically and stylistically unified – they are “told” without words.

FILM: Cosmic Love

Next to the invisible people stands an artist painting “gypsy visions” in the noise. Between the poet and the woman, between the society and the family, between Bulgaria and the world, in search of the divine and of oneself, where is Sally Ibrahim? Conductor of a “cosmic love”. What is the song of her life?

FILM: Little People

We often point the finger at the difference between people. Consciously or not, we make an escape from the problems of the “different”. Is otherness a punishment for us humans? Let’s look inside ourselves and find out how fair and accepting are we, and can we really get to know the ‘different’? This is what we will find out in the story of “Little People”.