Antidiscrimination, curbing hate speech

Project: „Strengthening the role of institutions at the local level in the field of justice for children – Municipality of Gorna Oryahovitsa“

The project will contribute to increasing access and quality of specialized services, with a specific focus on children from the Roma community. The implementation of the activities encourages active participation and cooperation with local institutions and stakeholders – Children’s Pedagogical Room, Child Protection Department, pedagogical advisors in schools, representatives of Roma informal organizations, etc.

REPORT: Problems with the equal treatment of accused persons in pre-trial proceedings in Bulgaria

Problems in the criminal justice system in Bulgaria have disparate impact on particular groups. This applies to both police custody and pre-trial proceedings. Bulgaria is unique in the disproportionately high number of Roma people either accused or convicted in criminal proceedings. Data obtained in this research allows us to measure the unequal treatment of, as well as the disparate effects that provisions, measures and policies have on the three main ethnic groups in Bulgaria (Bulgarians, ethnic Turks and Roma), as well as on foreign nationals, women and juveniles.

Photo campaign “Stronger than words”

Fine Acts opened the photography campaign “Stronger than words”, in which they photographed 54 people who send an important message with a smile. 54 people, representatives of the groups most affected by hate speech in Bulgaria, as well as their like-minded people, bravely stand with their face against hatred.

Report: Combatting discrimination through enhanced access to justice in Croatia and Bulgaria

In Bulgaria and Croatia, Roma routinely experience discrimination, usually fuelled by negative attitudes and prejudices, in a variety of areas of their lives from an early age. Despite the high number of well documented occurrences, incidents of discrimination typically go unreported. Roma often think that it is not worth reporting their case as it would not change anything, while others fear that the situation would only become worse. See more.

Project: “Youth Theatre against Hate Network Development”

With this project, the capacity of more than 20 civil society organizations working with youth in four regions in Bulgaria was developed to use a model of work to overcome conflicts and develop critical thinking among young people through the means of theater.

Project:”Knowledge of Human Rights”

The project envisages activities to raise the awareness of young people/school students, teachers and the media about human rights followed by youth campaigns, debates and social media campaigns carried out based on the knowledge acquired.