Project: “Project Generation Facility”

Implemented in: Bulgaria, all distticts

Program: Active Citizens Fund Bulgaria

Implementation period: January 2020 – June 2023

Project Promoter: Open Society Institute – Sofia

Partner: No

Project summary: 
The Project Generation Facility (PGF) is a special facility of the Open Society Institute – Sofia for supporting CSOs which work on equal Roma inclusion to develop integration projects, access financing and effectively implement them with resources provided by available financing programmes.

In accordance with the practice in the EU and the policy of the Bulgarian government, the term Roma is used as an umbrella, which includes both Bulgarian citizens in a vulnerable socio-economic condition who identify themselves as Roma, and citizens in a similar situation, defined by the majority as Roma, regardless of their self-identification.

The PGF main target groups include:

  • Civil society organisations that work mainly in the field of Roma inclusion;
  • Other civil society organisations that develop projects aimed at bettering the situation of Roma and contribute to the integration of the Roma.

PGF provides support through an accessible application process focused on supporting good ideas, including those coming from organizations with limited capacity to fully develop and implement them. In the case of the organisations in the first target group, PGF endorses the sustainability and up-scaling of their activities by assisting their access to programs that are:

  • difficult to access because of complicated rules and procedures and documentation;
  • very competitive – with many proposals per funded project;
  • not directly targeting Roma and require expertise in other fields in order to develop a proposal.

In the case of the second target group, PFG provides incentives to attract more organizations to work for the cause of Roma integration.

The PGF aims to develop at least 100 project proposals out of a total expected number of 250 applications for consultations. At least 40 projects, supported by PGF, are planned to receive funding for a total amount of about 2 million euro. The PGF training program includes delivering of at least 20 trainings on the basics of project development and management and on the socio-economic status of the Roma of at least 150 beneficiaries (incl. 50 from civil society organizations working for Roma inclusion).

Grant amount: 300 000 EUR

Contact: Ilko Yordanov
phone: +359 2 930 66 66
address: Sofia 1000, Solunska 56

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