Project: “Early Childhood Care and Education in the Municipality of Kyustendil”

Implemented in: Kyustendil Municipality

Program: “Local development, poverty reduction and enhanced inclusion of vulnerable groups”

Implementation period: 18.04.2022 – 18.05.2024

Lead organisation: Kyustendil Municipality, Republic of Bulgaria

Partner: Association “Center for Regional Development ROMA”, Kyustendil

Project summary:
The planned complex integrated measures are aimed at improving access to education, health protection and development of social skills for children aged 0-6 who do not attend and/or have no access to kindergarten or nursery, or live in isolated rural/urban and/or poor areas with a concentration of problems at risk of poverty, social exclusion and marginalization. Kyustendil Municipality plans to expand the counseling services for children and their families at the Day Care Center for Children with Disabilities, provided at Kyustendil, 6 Vasil Levski Str., where Hub 1 will be established to provide individual and group consultations to end beneficiaries in equipped and furnished offices and halls. Two mobile teams, Hub 2 and Hub 3, will cover children aged 0-6 and their parents. The expansion of the Center’s activities will provide a complex of functional services contributing to improving the quality of life, social inclusion and early childhood development of children from vulnerable groups, including Roma communities, to ensure their equal inclusion in the formal education system. The activities for the active involvement of the community in the implementation of the measures will be carried out through the assistance of mediators (health, education), the establishment of self-help groups, etc.

Grant amount: 499 631 EUR

Contact: Svetoslav Vassilev
phone: +359 78 551166
address: 2500 Kyustendil, Bulgaria, 1 Velbazhd Square

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