Project: “Provision of integrated services for early childhood development in the municipality of Tvarditsa”

Implemented in: Tvarditsa town, Shivachevo town and Sborishte village

Program: “Local development, poverty reduction and enhanced inclusion of vulnerable groups”

Implementation period: 18.04.2022 – 18.04.2024

Lead organisation: Tvarditsa Municipality, Republic of Bulgaria

Partners: Roma Academy of Culture and Education /RACO/, Rodna rech (Norway)

Project summary:
The project envisages the establishment of a complex of functionally related services (hubs) in three socially isolated communities on the territory of Tvarditsa town, Shivachevo town and Sborishte village. The activities of the hubs will reflect the needs of the local communities and will offer services in the fields of education, health and social activities. The target group of the complex will be children aged 0 to 6 who do not attend kindergarten or nursery and live in isolated, poor areas with a concentration of problems posing a risk of poverty and social exclusion, as well as their parents. The implementation of the planned activities is a prerequisite for improving the well-being of children of Roma origin and their families. For the successful implementation of the project, it is planned to implement key activities that reflect the needs of the target groups, which will lead to the achievement of the set goals and results. The partnership with a local non-governmental organization from Bulgaria that works in the field of Roma social inclusion, education and early childhood care, as well as a non-governmental organization from Norway will contribute thereto. The project proposal has several specific objectives: 1) Establishment of a complex of services (hubs) on the territory of the three settlements with identified socially isolated communities; 2) Providing functionally related early childhood education and care services for the target children and their parents, including provision of early childhood support and access to education; improved access to social and health services for children from vulnerable groups; support the transition from a family to a formal educational environment; 3) Involving and activating families and the community to provide quality education and care in early childhood through numerous successive interventions: formation of parenting skills, health care, acquisition of social and life skills, as well as the development and education of children; 4) Active involvement of the community in the public life of the settlements and overcoming the stigma towards the Roma community; 5) Creating conditions for sustainable employment by opening new jobs; 6) Exchange of experience and good practices with an appropriate partner organization from the Kingdom of Norway; 7) Reducing economic and social disparities in the countries of the European Economic Area and strengthening bilateral relations between donor countries and Bulgaria.

Grant amount: 499,527 EUR

Contact: Danka Ivanova
phone: +359 889 258593
address: 8890 Tvarditsa, Bulgaria,1 Svoboda Square

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