Project: “Integrated approaches for inclusion and empowerment of the Roma ethnos in Montana and Boychinovtsi”

Implemented in: Montana and Boychinovtsi Municipalities

Program: “Local development, poverty reduction and enhanced inclusion of vulnerable groups”

Implementation period: 30.04.2022 – 30.04.2024

Lead organisation: Montana Municipality, Republic of Bulgaria

Partners: Boychinovtsi Municipality; SAVORE Foundation, Samokov, DEVELOPMENT OF THE NORTH-WEST BULGARIA Foundation, Montana; Bakkaborg Kindergarten, Reykjavik, Iceland

Project summary:
The project targets at one of the largest and marginalized Roma communities in Northwestern Bulgaria, in Montana Municipality and Boychinovtsi Municipality, approximately 8,500 people. The main goal is to improve the life of this community by significantly improving access to health, social and educational services, contributing to a lasting change in the attitudes towards Roma in Montana, working to overcome segregation and creating sustainable models for Roma inclusion in local community management. The project will build a sustainable network of 5 support offices located within the RC themselves, through which the envisaged basic and additional services will be provided, access to the systems of the institutions will be provided and individual support will be provided, information will be collected and disseminated and other important activities will be carried out. The existing team of 5 mediators will be expanded by employing 4 more associates. It is envisaged to establish a coordination mechanism with the involvement of representatives of institutions, NGOs, RC leaders and experts. The project will contribute to the empowerment of Roma and overcoming both the discriminatory models towards the community and internal discrimination. Numerous thematic trainings are planned for the permanent increase of the capacity for work with Roma in both municipalities (for project team, representatives of the institutions, key representatives of the RC) in order to develop positive attitudes and achieve multiplying effect within the community. Along with the innovative activities, proven traditional activities such as summer school, meetings with the parents of the children, subject to compulsory coverage, etc. are also envisaged.

Grant amount: 735 970 EUR

Contact: Bozhidar Georgiev
phone: +359 898 664317
address: 3400 Montana, Bulgaria, 1 Izvora Str.

Photos from the consultation process in Montana:

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