Project: “Social Inclusion Hub Stamboliyski”

Implemented in: Stamboliyski Municipality

Program: “Local development, poverty reduction and enhanced inclusion of vulnerable groups”

Implementation period: 30.04.2022 – 30.04.2024

Lead organisation: Stamboliyski Municipality Republic of Bulgaria

Partners: Non-Profit Organization “World Without Borders”, Stara Zagora; Cross-Cultural Introduction AS, Norway

Project summary:
The project was initiated to meet important problems of the marginalized minorities in Stamboliyski Municipality, as defined in the Strategy of Plovdiv District for Roma Integration in implementation of the National Strategy of the Republic of Bulgaria for Equality, Inclusion and Participation of Roma /2021-2030/. It is planned to create a hub for functionally related health, social and educational services in support of marginalized minorities.

The main objective is to create opportunities for everyone to live healthily, responsibly and independently by building a hub for functionally related social and educational services in support of children and youth from vulnerable groups, as well as their families in the municipality of Stamboliyski.

Specific objectives of the project are: 1. Building infrastructure and organizational capacity in Stamboliyski Municipality to address the problems of social isolation of vulnerable groups; 2. Development of skills for dealing with social isolation, cultural differences and economic problems of the Roma population by creating modern conditions for children’s development (0-6 years); providing opportunities for sports and Bulgarian language training to improve speech skills and create healthy living habits; 3. Capacity building to support families from vulnerable groups by providing relevant educational, health services and support; 4. Transfer of good practices from Norway in the field of socially significant problems in early childhood, work with the families of vulnerable groups to build integration bridges; 5. Establishment and strengthening of the bilateral relations between the Bulgarian and the Norwegian partner; 6. Overcoming the educational deficits and lack of motivation in the project target groups by participating in activities for acquiring speech skills in Bulgarian and improving the quality of life in the municipality. The specially equipped hub will host medical examinations, meetings, seminars, focus groups, round tables, workshops and other mass or individual forms of work with the target groups: thematic meetings to prevent early or unwanted pregnancy, hygiene and care in raising children, psychological support, activities to improve health culture, etc. In the 5 kindergartens in the municipality there will be separate sports halls and outdoor playgrounds, which will enable the kindergartens to use the spaces for early inclusion in the educational system of children from the target group. It is planned to develop and apply an innovative interdisciplinary sport and game methodology for children 0-6 years. For this purpose, assistant teachers will be trained to support the work of teachers in kindergartens.

Grant amount: 800 012 EUR

email: Violeta Stoeva
phone: +359 876 944914
address: 4210 Stamboliyski, Bulgaria, 29 G. S. Rakovski Str.

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