Project: “Integrated measures in support of Roma inclusion in the municipality of Dupnitsa”

Implemented in: Dupnitsa Municipalty

Program: “Local development, poverty reduction and enhanced inclusion of vulnerable groups”

Implementation period: 11.04.2022 – 11.04.2024

Lead organisation: Dupnitsa Municipality, Republic of Bulgaria

Partners: Trust for Social Achievement Foundation; Association Amala and Friends; PININ Holding AS

Project summary:
The project is aimed at Roma living on the territory of the four Roma neighborhoods in the municipality of Dupnitsa, numbering 5,100 people. Among ethnic minorities and especially among the Roma population, there are various factors that feed poverty – early school leaving, low education, long-term unemployment and lack of work habits, limited employment opportunities, poor living conditions, lack of access to health, social and social services. and educational services.

The project envisages the implementation of integrated measures, will cover many cases and will try to solve problems related to improving health status, reducing poverty, unfavorable environment and housing, lifestyle and more. The project will help facilitate access to education and health care and employment for members of the Roma community and will help to overcome the risk of social exclusion and discrimination. A mobile health office equipped with medical equipment will be provided. Infrastructural measures are envisaged to improve the living conditions of the Roma, such as construction of a playground in Kavaklia, construction of sports fields and a fitness ground, purchase of a garbage collection machine.

The results of the project activities will contribute to increasing the level of acceptance of the Roma from the majority in the municipality. For this purpose, information campaigns are planned for both the Roma and the majority. Activities for exchange of experience with donor countries are also envisaged, which will also contribute to the achievement of the defined goals. Measures are provided are information and publicity to promote the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2014 – 2021.

Grant amount: 749 683 EUR

Contact: Olga Kitanova
phone: +359 70159277
address: 2600 Dupnitsa, Bulgaria, 1 Svoboda Square

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