Project: “Integrated measures to improve the inclusion of people living in marginalized communities”

Implemented in: Pernik Municipalty

Program: “Local development, poverty reduction and enhanced inclusion of vulnerable groups”

Implementation period: 11.04.2022 – 11.04.2024

Lead organisation: Pernik Municipality, Republic of Bulgaria

Partners: Foundation “Positive Skills of the Person in the Socium“ (P.U.L.S.); Intermezzo ungdom (Nowray)

Project summary:
The implementation of the project will create preconditions for improved social inclusion and empowerment of the representatives of the Roma community in the town of Pernik (5,100 people). The planned measures will provide additional support to improve access to social services, education, employment, health and non-discrimination. Through the implementation of the project, the efforts of Pernik Municipality for support and development of the minority communities in the town will be upgraded. The target group of the project are Roma and people from other vulnerable groups living in hard-to-reach or segregated communities, with difficult access to services, inadequate infrastructure, facing extreme poverty, social exclusion and marginalization.

The project develops activities in several main areas, incl. introduction of a comprehensive approach aimed at improving the situation of end users, where the same person is provided with at least 2 types of services from the following sectors: social assistance, education, employment and health, depending on the needs.

As a result of the implementation of this project, the following results are expected to be achieved:
1) Better individual opportunities for the Roma;
2) Improved access of the target groups to quality services from social assistance, education, employment and healthcare;
3) Improved well-being of those in the target communities who have benefited from the integrated services;
4) Better information of the members of the Roma community about their rights and responsibilities;
5) Lower level of discrimination against Roma and overcoming stereotypes and prejudices against them;
6) Better empowerment of the representatives of the Roma community to effectively participate in the planning, implementation and evaluation of public policies and services for the community;
7) Better opportunities for Roma to find work as a result of project activities.

Grant amount: 704 172 EUR

Contact: Stefan Krastev
phone: +359 897 935422
address: 2300 Pernik, Bulgaria, Sv. Ivan Rilski Square

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