Project: “Social and Educational Service Hub for Vulnerable Children and their Families”

Implemented in: Maglizh and Nikolaevo municipalities, Republic of Bulgaria

Program: “Local development, poverty reduction and enhanced inclusion of vulnerable groups”

Implementation period: 19.04.2022 – 19.04.2024

Lead organisation: Maglizh Municipality, Republic of Bulgaria

Partners: Nikolaevo Municipality; Community Center “Probuda -1869; Cross-Cultural Introduction AS (Norway)

Project summary:
It is planned to establish 2 hubs for functionally related social and educational services in support of children from vulnerable groups and their families in the municipalities of Maglizh and Nikolaevo for children 0-6 years and their parents. For this purpose, special rooms will be equipped and furnished, where psychologists, social workers, health, Roma and educational mediators will work with children and their parents. Two new sports and play halls and outdoor sports grounds will be built at the kindergartens in Maglizh and Nikolaevo, which will be equipped with innovative sports and technical equipment and teaching aids. The aim is to apply innovative methods to build fundamental skills for children, such as physical culture, habits for a healthy lifestyle, skills for the earliest prevention of socially significant problem areas, incl. diseases. Various games for socialization and integration in the conditions of a multicultural society will be held. The goal will be to develop an interdisciplinary methodology that will enable them to develop and practice both basic skills in sports and motor skills, integrated into games and outdoor activities with an emphasis on improving speech skills in Bulgarian. The two newly built hubs, as well as Chitalishte “Probuda” Maglizh, will become main centers for social, educational and cultural activities, events and will offer psychological, health and educational support for vulnerable groups in both municipalities. The main goal is to create opportunities for everyone to live healthily, responsibly and independently. The specific objectives of the project are: 1) Building infrastructure and organizational capacity in the target municipalities to address the problems of social isolation of vulnerable groups; 2) Development of skills to deal with social isolation, cultural differences and economic problems of vulnerable populations by creating modern conditions for children’s development (0-6 years); providing opportunities for sports and Bulgarian language training to improve speech skills and create healthy living habits; 3) Capacity building to support families from vulnerable groups by providing relevant education, health services and support; 4) Transfer of good practices from Norway in the field of socially significant problems in early childhood, work with families of vulnerable groups to build integration bridges; 5) Overcoming the educational deficits and the lack of motivation in the target groups of the project by participating in activities for acquiring speech skills in Bulgarian language and improving the quality of life in both municipalities.

Grant amount: 499 759 EUR

Contact: Yulia Todorova
phone: +359 877 165021
address: 6180 Maglizh, Bulgaria, 32 Treti mart Square

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