Project: “Establishing a one-stop shop center for integrated social and health services in the neighborhood of Stolipinovo”

Implemented in: Plovdiv Municipality, Republic of Bulgaria

Program: “Local development, poverty reduction and enhanced inclusion of vulnerable groups”

Implementation period: 11.04.2022 – 11.04.2024

Lead organisation: Plovdiv Municipality, Republic of Bulgaria

Partners: Foundation for Regional Development Roma-Plovdiv; NORSENSUS MEDIAFORUM

Project summary:
The project aims at implementing a comprehensive program for socio-economic inclusion of vulnerable ethnic groups in Plovdiv’s neighborhood of Stolipinovo by providing improved access to administrative, social, educational and health services through the establishment of a one-stop shop center. Since access to such services is limited by both the spatial segregation of the neighborhood’s population and its mistrust of public bodies, the Center will introduce a new approach to providing disadvantaged residents of Stolipinovo with basic public services. By starting a regulation and legalization process related to informal residential areas (where the most vulnerable members of the community live) and by creating an innovative concept offering counseling on social, educational and health matters, health checks, free meals and leisure activities for both adults and children with a precarious socio-economic background the Center will become a welcoming multifunctional space catering to the needs of the local population. Last but not least, the project will offer campaigns and initiatives aimed at positively changing the social attitudes both inside and outside of Stolipinovo spreading information on various topics of key importance to society: raising awareness about the problems of the Roma community, including social and cultural sensibilization; cybersecurity, e-government and applying for jobs both on and offline; healthy lifestyle and nutrition tips.

Grant amount: 1 181 333 EUR

Contact: Zoya Petrusheva
phone: +359 32 656884
address: 4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 1, Stefan Stambolov Square

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