Project: “Creative communications in support of human rights”

Implemented in: Sofia, Bulgaria

Program: Active Citizens Fund Bulgaria

Implementation period: 01.09.2021 – 29.02.2024

Project Promoter: Fine Acts Foundation

Partner: No

Project summary: 
Negative stereotypes, discrimination, hate speech against vulnerable groups in Bulgaria have become a growingly alarming issue. At the same time the NGO sector has low capacity for efficient communication and there is no diversity and creativity of communication approaches to address this issue. The project aims at boosting support for human rights in Bulgaria by means of the following: develop a broad range of diverse efficient communication measures to raise awareness about human rights with emphasis on overcoming the negative stereotypes towards vulnerable groups, on the one hand, and boost the communication capacity of the groups in question, on the other hand, both the different public groups that are a target of hate speech and the civil society organizations advocating for their rights. The project will first raise knowledge and acceptance of specific vulnerable groups and raise sensitivity and intolerance to hate speech by developing a broad range of efficient communication measures to overcome negative stereotypes towards the vulnerable groups of the public (an omnibus of 5 creative videos and three different innovative creative formats: WESEUM, Inside Out and Sprints, resulting in a series of pop-up museums, public exhibitions and art actions); second, boost the capacity of civil society organizations and activists to create evoking communication products by promoting the strategic use of creative approaches and innovative tactics, organizing a dynamic boot camp and an interactive conference and developing a series of training materials (a guide for visual communication and a series of online publications); third, support communication efforts of organizations and activists by creating a bank of visual materials (posters, illustrations, etc.) about human rights that can be used freely in campaigns and events; finally, attract new communities (artists, cultural professionals) as active supporters in the fight for protection of human rights. The final project beneficiary is the general public and the main target groups are civil society organizations protecting and promoting human rights. The project will also benefit three disadvantaged groups of the public: the Roma, LGBTI and refugees.

Grant amount: 101 395 EUR

Contact: Jana Tavernier Kunchev
phone: +359 896 843370
address: Sofia 1000, Stefan Karadyha Str. 7, entrance V, ap. 27

More of the project:

Video: More powerful than words

Exposition of the “invisible” in WESEUM

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