Publication: Roma in Bulgaria

Anyone who has tried to research, write or think about the situation of the Roma in Bulgaria has come across an increasing amount of information, which is often fragmented and contradictory. How many and who are the Roma – only those who define themselves as Roma, or also those who are defined as such by someone else? How do we collect information about Roma? Ah, what is the origin of the Roma? What are the reasons for their dire socio-economic situation? What are the stereotypes about them due to? What are the integration policies and who is responsible for their implementation? These are all questions of increased difficulty, which remain without a single answer and which make the conversation about the Roma equally difficult, both at the expert and political level, and in the context of everyday life.

The second edition of this guide (available in Bulgarian language), although from 2008, does not attempt to give a definitive answer to these questions, but it remains useful and can serve as a guide for anyone who finds himself in the jungle of information about Roma in Bulgaria.

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