Project: “What we can achieve together”

“Each of the stories we present are real, Bulgarian and need support.” So are the stories about the people and organizations working for the benefit of the Roma community. That’s why we also present the project on, placing special emphasis on individual podcast episodes related to the topic.

Implemented in: Sofia

Program: Active Citizens Fund Bulgaria

Implementation period: 01.10.2021 – 30.09.2023

Project Promoter: Foundation Darik

Partners: Forty-two Foundation; Programme and Analytical Centre for European Law

Over 2020, particularly in the context of the global pandemic, the society has shown us that it has the potential to unite around voluntary initiatives which demonstrate maturity and aspirations towards a citizens’ initiative. The protests from the 2020 summer have also demonstrated energy that for most people has been provoked by taking ownership of establishing democracy. The authenticity of the energy described has made us look for opportunities to promote it and to support the efforts of the citizens to be real participants in the change they aspire to on a daily basis. Darik Foundation, Programme and Analytical Centre for European Law (PACEL) Foundation and 42 Foundation will set up in cooperation a shared channel for citizens’ initiatives, which shall add value to the content of the NGO Portal.

Darik Foundation will perform 78 radio programmes (broadcast on Darik Radio’s air with an audience of 1.2 million listeners) and the audio recordings will be further processed to prepare podcasts. 42 Foundation will carry out 24 live streaming sessions online and 2 live events (again further processed to be used later). PACEL Foundation will provide a platform for dissemination via the website and the monthly news bulletin, help edit texts, themes and ideas and ensure a broad network of contacts to promote the initiative. We will focus on active citizenship ideas, answer questions about how to take part, how to help, how to initiate and create communities united around causes to succeed in making a difference, how to work with the media and media content. We will achieve that using personal stories and examples from people and civil society organizations which have experience to share. The emphasis will be on togetherness or how to make a real difference with joint efforts.

Grant amount: 68 673 EUR

phone: +359 899910328
address: Sofia 1504, bul. Al. Dondukov 82

Featured Podcasts: In Focus:

“Art Against Stereotypes” (listen in Bulgarian language):

Some topics are difficult to talk about and then words do not connect, but divide. In our society, conversations about the fate of the so-called “invisible” people, isolated in their communities, are usually avoided. We prefer not to talk about Roma, people of different sexual orientation, refugees. One of the few spaces in which they become visible is that of art. Guests in the episode “Art vs. Stereotypes” are Ana Alexieva from Studio for Creative Global Change “Fine Acts”, Slava Doycheva, director, actress, screenwriter and one of the organizers of Pride Film Fest, and Mihail Mishev from the Foundation for Community Development and Cooperation, student and Roma activist.

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