Project: “Looking forward”

In March 2022, the Active Citizens Fund Bulgaria announced an extraordinary call for proposals under the Small Initiatives Scheme for projects in response to the challenges of the war in Ukraine. One of the supported projects is “Looking ahead” of the “Indi – Roma 97” foundation from the town of Kuklen in partnership with the association “Media with a human face”, aiming at the strategic development of the organization.

Implemented in: South Central Region. The project will be concentrated in three rural municipalities in the Plovdiv Region – without being limited to them – and with an additional focus on one of the most vulnerable groups for media manipulation and fake news – the Roma community.

Program: Active Citizens Fund Bulgaria

Implementation period: 01.08.2022 – 31.03.2023

Project Promoter: Social Foundation “Indi Roma 97”

Partners: Association “Media with Human Faces”

“Looking forward” project set the task to support actively the society and the Roma community in particular, in the struggle of recognizing the truth in the sea of information sources. It will also counteract aggressive disinformation campaigns and corruption in journalism and will encourage development of critical thinking.
In order to respond to challenges we will implement the following activities: capacity development of the team and volunteers of Social Foundation “Indi-Roma97” for identification and counteraction to disinformation, related mainly to war in Ukraine and Covid pandemic focusing on Roma community as well as effective communication and improved work with target groups, including innovative approaches. Another important point is “Indi-Roma97” strategic development activity as a ground of leader capacity improvement and expansion of partner networks. Additionally, the publicity activity will improve access to an extended audience for distribution of materials and brochures on fighting disinformation and it will promote the support from Active Citizens Fund Bulgaria.
The project will cover three rural municipalities in Plovdiv district and it will target mainly the Roma community, which is the most vulnerable group in relation to media manipulations and fake news.
Partner’s expertise will increase the outreach and sustainability of Indi-Roma97’s activities and daily work with the civil sector and particularly with the Roma community.

Grant amount: 19 322 EUR

Contact: Albena Kostadinova
phone: +359 889 708 630
address: 4101 Kuklen, Al. Stamboliyski Str. 52

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