Project: “Toler@nce platform 2.0”

A 2018 survey of public attitudes towards hate speech by the Open Society Institute – Sofia identified a problem: the group of teachers is among the two communities that find it most difficult to define the meaning and scope of hate speech. Moreover, teachers do not profess tolerance as a value, they transfer the responsibility for human rights education to the children’s parents. In such an environment, the Toler@nce Platform in version 2.0 is experiencing a renaissance, taking into account current social processes and attitudes towards the seemingly different people. Today, our main goal is to create online, and offline resources aimed at a new audience, to support human rights education and to promote in the long run the acceptance of the differences and the diversity of people and images in our society. We fight racism, xenophobia, hate speech and intolerance in society through the methods of non-formal education, gamification and the accumulation of personal transformative experiences in young people through volunteering and active civic participation in causes and campaigns.

Implemented in: Bulgaria

Program: Active Citizens Fund Bulgaria

Implementation period: 09.10.2019 – 08.04.2021

Project Promoter: Infinite Opportunities Association

Summary of results:
The “Toler@nce platform 2.0” project created online and offline human rights training resources (HR) aimed at a new audience – pedagogical specialists from the formal education system and professional communities working directly with children and youth up to 29 years of age. According to the project, study programs were developed, approved and tested for increasing the qualification of pedagogical specialists; two board games for human rights education were developed – Tolerado and Barabar. 80 teachers from two regions of the country, where there are large minority groups (Roma and Turks) and an unfavorable economic situation/high unemployment, and hence aggravated social relations, in places even segregation and discriminatory practices, gained access to educational resources that give a practical solution to the problem of overcoming negative attitudes towards seemingly different people. Over 1,800 children and young people participated in sessions, presentations and play situations, breaking stereotypes and giving food for thought about what divides us or brings us together. Children and youth representing the end-user group were recruited as volunteers/multiplayers and participated in various field initiatives.

Grant amount: 73 184 EUR

Contact: Maria Mariniva
phone: +359 877 828 249
address: 1309 Sofia, Bul. Al. Stamboliyski №239 B, office 6

BARABAR is an innovation in human rights education and is a strategic board game in which 5 clans (ecologists, artists, scientists, entrepreneurs and activists) and 75 heroes of the past and present, including Albert Einstein, Emma Watson and Sadhguru, battle it out to save Earth from an apocalyptic future. An alternative to boring for children and students or incomprehensible lessons, BARABAR entertains while educating and modernizing civic education teaching. The game makes it easier for parents, teachers and youth workers to reach children and young people about difficult topics concerning the values ​​and attitudes of a democratic society.

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