Board game called “Barabar” in support of non-formal education

BARABAR (developed within the project “Toler@nce platform 2.0”) is an innovation in human rights education. It is a strategic board game in which 5 clans (ecologists, artists, scientists, entrepreneurs and activists) and 75 heroes of the past and present, battle it out to save Earth from an apocalyptic future. An alternative to boring for children and students or incomprehensible lessons, BARABAR entertains while educating and modernizing civic education teaching. The game makes it easier for parents, teachers and youth workers to reach children and young people about difficult topics concerning the values ​​and attitudes of a democratic society.

Barabar means together, shoulder to shoulder, tireless and optimistic, as each of us people involved in the youth sector work for change and because we know that something depends on us! Barabar is a board game available in Bulgarian and English.

Here you can also hear a conversation about the game from the Bulgarian National Radio morning program (in Bulgarian language). Maria Marinova from Infinite Opportunities Association and journalist Irina Nedeva played BARABAR at the Bulgarian National Radio while talking about the power of gamification and non-formal education when presented to young people who can make the world a better place, more tolerant and inclusive.

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