Project “Ensuring safe and secure conditions in prisons and places of detention”

Implemented in: Plovdiv city, Burgas city, Vratsa city, Petrich city, Samoranovo village, Dupnitsa municipality

Justice Programme under NFM 2014-2021

Implementation period: 29.01.2020-29.01.2024

Lead organisation: General Directorate “Execution of sentences”

Partner: Ana Prison

Project summary:

The project aims to support Bulgaria’s efforts to adapt (adapt) to the fundamental principles set out in the conventions and recommendations of the Council of Europe and international standards related to places of detention, which guarantee better living and working conditions. The goals of the project are:

  • Improving conditions for prisoners and detainees;
  • Overcrowding;
  • Improving the implementation of European Framework Decisions, Agreements and Recommendations related to the transfer of convicted persons and respect for human rights;
  • Improving the preparation for freedom of liberty and better social inclusion of prisoners with a focus on vulnerable groups, including the Roma;
  • Strengthening the role of correctional services in the justice system.

Expected results:

  • Improved bilateral cooperation and exchange of experience between the Bulgarian and Norwegian Correctional Services;
  • Improved opportunities for additional cooperation in the District;
  • Implemented good practices in the context of improving the material conditions in the places of deprivation of liberty and detention;
  • Improved strategic cooperation, networking and exchange of knowledge between partners;
  • The reconstructed Hebros prison dormitory with a separate halfway house.
  • Improved material conditions in the prison building in Plovdiv, with a capacity of up to 500 prison places.
  • Renovated open-type “Samaranovo” prison hostel to Bobov Dol Prison with halfway house.
  • A new detention center will be built in Samoranovo
  • Remodeling of a building and separation of an open-type prison hostel to the prison in Vratsa.
  • A new arrest warrant was set up in the town of Petrich at the RSIN Blagoevgrad city.
  • Reconstruction of the prison hostel “Stroitel” to the prison of Burgas with separation of a transitional ward (half way house).
  • A new training center was built in the prison in Pazardzhik.

Grant amount: 6 570 000 EUR

Contact: Commissionaire Nina Glavchovska, 02/9826634, 1309, 21 “Gen.N.Stoletov” Blvd.

The Minister of Justice, Nadezhda Yordanova, inspected on site the construction activities of the new dormitory at the prison in Vratsa (July 2022). It will have a capacity of 250 detained persons and will meet all European requirements:

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