Project: “Our rights and responsibilities” – program for empowerment of vulnerable groups

Project status: in implementation

Implemented in: Sofia

Program: Active Citizens Fund Bulgaria

Implementation period: 01.09.2021 – 30 09.2023

Project Promoter: CONCORDIA Bulgaria Foundation

Partners: no

The project aims at improving the skills of the members of marginalized Roma communities in Sofia to exercise their rights. We plan to achieve our goal by developing and appraising an innovative programme titled Our Rights and Skills. The programme will be implemented in 2 stages to address the two main issues:
Stage 1: organization of courses to raise literacy, which are practically oriented to working with documents and forms needed to exercise specific rights.
Stage 2: organization of a training called Our Rights and Skills with modules on Human Rights and Child’s Rights and use of the knowledge acquired before public institutions and services.
The project will help increase the number of vulnerable persons covered by measures for empowerment and boosting the number of organizations applying innovative methods and approaches for the needs of vulnerable groups. Our project empowers through knowledge and culture about rights, making a connection between rights, obligations, needs and responsibilities. Our Rights and Skills Programme will become a component of the work of Concordia Bulgaria with Roma communities and will be accessible to other organizations as well.

Grant amount: 55 751 EUR

Contact: Stela Gachevska
phone: +359 879060478
address: Sofia 1510, Pavlina Unufrieva Str. 10

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