Project: “Give Roma Health”

Project status: concluded

Implemented in: Pazardzhik

Program: Active Citizens Fund Bulgaria

Implementation period: 01.03.2021 – 30.09.2021

Project Promoter: ADRA – Bulgaria Foundation

Partners: no

Summary of results:
The main goal of this small, but very important project for local people, was to empower Roma health mediators in Pazardzhik district to conduct early screening of the Roma population for the prevention of socially significant diseases and allowing over 1000 people free access to these check-ups.
Trained were health mediators from Septemvri, Velingrad, Rakitovo, Bratsigovo and Pazardzhik and then health exhibitions were held with them, local doctors and volunteers. In this way, access was provided to health services to nearly 1000 people. Included were also mobile teams with a mediator to help overcome prejudices and mistrust in the stationary ambulance teams, in order to reach more residents in the Roma neighborhoods. The results from the examinations were systematized and the data show that over 40% of those examined were found to have high blood pressure, 8% had blood sugar values above 11, requiring treatment, over 73% were overweight and 34% had obesity 1st degree. Being overweight turned out to be a significant factor for Covid-19 complications.
The situation with the pandemic, as well as the fear of vaccination and doctors, led to fewer check-ups than planned, but mediators and many volunteers were involved, and they presently continue to work with the Roma community. Information on the project was uploaded on the website of the Foundation:
Equipment and consumables for screening of socially significant diseases were purchased and provided to the municipality of Pazardzhik, ensuring the sustainability of the project to empower Roma mediators, who already had their theoretical and practical training in working with minority groups. Now they can provide regular and competent consultations and initial check-ups of residents of Roma communities.

Grant amount: 5 435 EUR

Contact: Marian Dimitrov
phone: +359 888765222
address: Sofia 1202, Tsvetan Minkov 11 str.

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