Project: “Motivated teachers – successful students”

Project status: concluded

Implemented in: Municipalities of Montana, Pleven, Vidin

Program: Active Citizens Fund Bulgaria

Implementation period: 01.04.2020 – 31.08.2022

Project Promoter: Znanie Association

Partners: no

Summary of results:
The project targeted primary teachers. They are the ones who have the direct contact with pupils, communicate with parents, and have to meet the requirements of the education system. During past teacher trainings, it was found that the difference in self-confidence, attitudes and resilience between teachers teaching in elite urban schools and those teaching in underserved areas of the country was significant, however the demands and expectations on them were the same. This project was designed to support emotionally, mentally and methodologically those who work with students on a daily basis. To give them a sense that what they do is valued, that they have the tools to cope with difficult situations, and that they can be supported in difficult times. The project activities aimed at changing their attitudes towards how to deal with problematic situations and empowering them to seek help from colleagues and offer them such.

The project had several main activities including a preliminary needs survey, where the number of respondents exceeded more than 4 times the target number; 4 trainings – 1 for principals, psychologists, and pedagogical advisors. Three trainings were conducted for teachers – from the regions of Pleven, Vidin and Montana. The trainings were three days long and included topics such as “Working with parents”, “Working with difficult situations”, “Prevention of professional burnout”. As a result of the trainings, a Handbook was developed to support teachers’ work.

During the project, new contacts were established between the association and many schools, as well as contacts between the schools themselves and the teachers, which was the aim of the project.

The developed Handbook remains free of charge for all interested parties.

Link to the Handbook: Handbook for teachers working with students at risk

Grant amount: 9 870 EUR

Contact: Valentina Georgieva
phone: +359 887 563223
address: Sofia 1606, Vladayska 36 str.

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