Project “Enhancing the implementation of alternative custodial measures”

Implemented in: Sofia city

Justice Programme under NFM 2014-2021

Implementation period: 29.01.2020 – 29.01.2024

Lead organisation: General Directorate “Execution of Sentences”

Partner: Agder Probation Office

Project summary:

The expected objectives of the project:

  • Improvement of professional competences and introduction of professional standards for work.
  • Review and update of this diagnostic toolkit for work and introduction of new programs for social impact.
  • Examining the possibility of introducing new alternative measures to the sentence of imprisonment.
  • Improving interinstitutional cooperation to engage a wider range of public organizations in the integration process.

The expected results of the project:

  • Developed a Concept and a new curriculum for initial and subsequent training for probation officers and enhanced professional competences;
  • New diagnostic toolkit for risk assessment developed with offender software and new social impact programs introduced;
  • Review of the current legislative framework in the field of imprisonment and prepared proposals for changes;
  • Interinstitutional cooperation agreements with stakeholders approved to improve the functioning of the Probation Councils at local and national level, an approved code of ethics and professional standards for probation officers.

Grant amount: 1 100 000 EUR

Contact: Commissioner Yulyian Shemshirov;; +359 2 8139225; Sofia 1309, 21 “Gen.N.Stoletov” Blvd.

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