A Practical Guide to Legal Advocacy for Persons Deprived of Personal Liberty as a Result of Conviction for an Offence

The handbook was created as part of the strategy for the promotion of human rights in places of deprivation of liberty under the project funded by the Active Citizens Fund Bulgaria “Evaluation of the reform in places of deprivation of liberty in Bulgaria: Legislation and practice after the pilot decision of the ECHR “Neshkov and others”.

The topics in the handbook have been selected so as to cover the means of protection newly introduced in the Bulgarian legislation, as well as other basic mechanisms for monitoring and controlling the activity of the bodies for the execution of punishments and protection of the rights of citizens.

For each topic there are appendices: sample complaints, requests, claims and forms of relevant documents. Some of them are based on real cases that the authors of the manual have worked on, and others have been compiled specifically for this manual.

The handbook has been printed and distributed in all places of deprivation of liberty in Bulgaria. It is available in Bulgarian language:

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