Project: „Partnership with a cause“

Project status: ongoing

Implemented in: Ruse, Bulgaria

Program: Justice

Implementation period: 03.10.2022 – 03.04.2024

Project Promoter: Association Centre Dinamika, Ruse

Partners: Open society club Ruse Association; Ruse District Administration

The main goal of the project is to contribute to the development of an integrated approach to improving the situation of victims of domestic violence with a focus on the Roma community in Ruse region.

Expected results:: Conducted focus groups in the 8 municipalities of Ruse region; Prepared analysis with the real picture among the Roma community in the Ruse region on the problems of domestic violence – prevention and protection; Held informational meetings on the rights of Roma women in the 8 municipalities of the Ruse region; Manual issued and distributed; Established Advisory Center for prevention and protection from domestic violence; Implemented 34 outsourced reception centers in the 7 municipalities of the Ruse region outside Ruse; Held information and training days for professionals in the 8 municipalities of the Ruse region; Trained students in schools from the Ruse region on social skills, skills for effective communication and non-violent conflict resolution; Developed and disseminated a methodological guide for teachers to teach adolescents about human rights protection; Trained representatives of the regional and national media for correct coverage of gender-based domestic violence with a focus on the Roma community; Publicity measures implemented.

Grant amount: 116 332,32 EUR

Contact: Deana Dimova-Velikova
phone: +359 887493503
address: Ruse, Panayot Hitov 9

Photos from the press conference (January 27, 2023 in Hall 1 of the Regional Administration – Ruse)

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