Project: “Educational theater, a tool for improved awareness of the art and culture of the roma ethnos in Bulgaria”

Project status: ongoing

Implemented in: Plovdiv and Lom

Program: Cultural entrepreneurship, heritage and cooperation

Implementation period: 23.01.2023 – 30.04.2024

Project Promoter: Chitalishte “Dimitar Peshev — 1998”, Plovdiv

Partners: Foundation “Roma – Lom”

The overall objective of the project is to improve the situation of the Roma in Bulgaria, using culture and art as a tool for developing skills, capacity and as a pathway to education, as well as to stimulate greater social cohesion in Bulgaria through improved mutual understanding as a bilateral process between the general population and the cultures of minorities.

Grant amount: EUR

Contact: Assen Karagyozov
phone: +359 886253299
address: Plovdiv, 4006, Elba 3


Informational meeting with children and youth from Stolipinovo district, 12.05.2023.

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