Project: “Inspiration – Art for Change”

Project status: ongoing

Implemented in: Sliven

Program: Cultural entrepreneurship, heritage and cooperation

Implementation period: 3.02.2023 – 30.04.2024

Project Promoter: State puppet theatre – Sliven

Partners: “Kompani13” Norway

„Inspiration – art for change“ is a multi-genre project, which brings together professional artists from the State Puppet Theatre in Sliven (SPTS), teachers from schools, which are located in neighbourhoods with predominant Roma population, professional theatre artists from Norway, as well as children and parents from the Roma community.

The project includes performances from the programme of the SPTS and the Norwegian partner, which will be presented in front of Roma students, creative workshops, the creation of a puppet theatre performance with the participation of professional actors and children of Roma origin, which is going to be based on a fairy tale by an author from the Roma community, performance tours in the province and nearby provinces, and the shooting of a film, which shows all the phases behind the implementation of the project. The collaboration aims to increase the access to culture to children from the minority group, to develop knowledge and skills on how to create and utilise art, to encourage artistic talents in adolescents, to motivate other artists working within the field of puppet theater to participate in joint activities with children and adolescents from the Roma community in Bulgaria.

The project will contribute towards overcoming the isolation of Roma children and their difficult integration into social life, it will motivate a deeper understanding of Roma culture and history, as well as it will introduce viewers and participants outside the Roma community to a different culture, Roma original music and the cultural life of the Roma society. The project aims to raise awareness of Roma culture, to encourage young Roma communities to be actively involved in the creative processes, to improve access to culture to children and their families; to provide support for cooperation between professional actors and Roma children; to encourage bilateral cooperation and exchange of good practices between Bulgaria and Norway with focus on the Roma community.

Grant amount: 74,919.61 EUR

Contact: Efimia Pavlova
phone: +359 896638150
address: Sliven, 8800, Tsar Osvoboditel blvd. 10

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