Project: “Improvement of the coordination and dialogue between Police and Roma society”

Implemented in: Sofia, Burgas, Varna, Vidin, Montana, Pazadjik, Peshtera, reg. Pzardjik, Banya, Mun. Karlovo, Vilage of Parvenets, Mun. Rodopi, Stara Zagora, Sliven, Yambol

Home Affairs Programme, Norway Grants

Implementation period: 18.12.2019 -18.12.2022

Lead organisation: General Directorate National Police – Ministry of Interior

Metropolitan Directorate of MoI
Regional Directorate of MoI Burgas
Regional Directorate of MoI Varna
Regional Directorate of MoI Pazardjik
Regional Directorate of MoI Plovdiv
Regional Directorate of MoI Stara Zagora
Regional Directorate of MoI Vidin
Regional Directorate of MoI Montana
Regional Directorate of MoI Sliven
Regional Directorate of MoI Yambol

Project summary: 
The project aims to improve the situation of the Roma population and lead to improved coordination and dialogue between the police and Roma society. The project will also contribute to the prevention of radicalization, violent extremism and hate speech and the creation of informal networks at national and regional level for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and good practices on these topics. The project will support the mutual initiatives of all public institutions working in Roma communities (police, child protection services, education). In this regard, measures are envisaged to improve the coordination between the regional directorates of the Ministry of Interior and the local Roma organizations, to create better conditions for multiethnic dialogue and a better understanding of Roma cultural values.

Grant amount: 630 000 EUR

Contact: Yordan Lazarov
phone: +3592 982 8518
address: Sofia 1715,1  Aleksander Malinov str.

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