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Redefining Narratives – Empowering Roma Women in Bulgaria

It is  crucial to empower Roma women, considering the obstacles they face in accessing education and employment opportunities. By combining empowerment with accessible healthcare and social services, a more equitable and inclusive society can take shape.  

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Project: “United in Diversity”

The project focuses on the cultural heritage of the Roma ethnic minority, interweaving the participation of two other minority groups – Jews and Armenians, in order to show the “coexistence” of minority cultures alongside that of the majority – Bulgarian culture.

Project: “Platforms for young art talents”

The project aims to increase access to the culture of culture and ethnic minorities (with a focus on Roma) and strengthen their engagement by an integrated set of innovative cultural and educational events, exhibitions and digital documentation of cultural history with a focus on Roma culture.

Project: “Inspiration – Art for Change”

Inspiration – art for change“ is a multi-genre project, which brings together professional artists from the State Puppet Theatre in Sliven, teachers from schools, which are located in neighbourhoods with predominant Roma population, professional theatre artists from Norway, as well as children and parents from the Roma community.

Project: “Dance with Me!”

The project aims to improve access to arts and culture of ethnic and cultural minorities (Roma focus) and to meet the needs of children and young people from Family-type accommodation centres by including them in a cultural and educational initiative for dance art and an innovative approach for present and promote an ethnocultural event with the participation of various specialists and artists, young artists, children, and youth (with a focus on Roma).

Project: “Panorama of Roma culture”

Project status: ongoing Implemented in:Sliven, Gorno Alexandrovo (Sliven), Zhelyo voyvoda (Sliven) Program: Cultural entrepreneurship, heritage and cooperationImplementation period: 08.02.2023 – 30.04.2024 Project Promoter: Association Roma Academy for Culture and Education, Sliven Partners: Høgskulen for grøn...

Project: “Improved awareness of Roma arts and culture in Chiprovtsi”

The project aims to promote the integration of the Roma community in the municipality of Chiprovtsi (over 5500 people) and to work to overcome stereotypes through cultural activities – cooperation and exchanges, discovering and promoting talent from an early age, to stimulate interest and professionalism. cultural activity and to offer new opportunities for the Roma community.

Project: “Cultural roads of friendship”

The project Cultural Paths of Friendship aims to promote the integration of the Roma community in the municipality of Montana (over 5500 people) and to work to overcome stereotypes through cultural activities.

Project “Artistic Atelier”

The project “Artistic Workshop” addresses the needs of the Municipality of Radomir to create an ethnically tolerant environment for the development and promotion of cultural initiatives of the Roma minority, using culture and art as a means for developing skills and as a path to education.