Project: “Toler@nce platform 2.0”

A 2018 survey of public attitudes towards hate speech by the Open Society Institute – Sofia identified a problem: the group of teachers is among the two communities that find it most difficult to...

Project: “Creative communications in support of human rights”

The project aims at boosting support for human rights in Bulgaria by means of the following: develop a broad range of diverse efficient communication measures to raise awareness about human rights with emphasis on overcoming the negative stereotypes towards vulnerable groups, on the one hand, and boost the communication capacity of the groups in question, on the other hand, both the different public groups that are a target of hate speech and the civil society organizations advocating for their rights.

Project: “INvulnerable”

“When we empower, educate, inform and involve the vulnerable, we show interest in their needs, empower them to see the problems for themselves and seek their solutions.”

Project: “Integrated Complex of Services for Roma Inclusion and Authorization in Lom Municipality”

The overall goal of the project is to improve Roma access to healthcare and the education system, to improve contacts between Roma communities and local self-government, as well as Roma parenting skills. An “Integrated Service Complex” will be built by renovating and equipping the building of a former bath house, which houses the “Roma-Lom” Foundation, providing integrated services and expanding the capacity of institutions in the municipality.

Project: “Integrated measures for Roma inclusion and empowerment in municipality of Blagoevgrad”

The overall goal of the project is to create sustainable mechanisms to improve the condition and opportunities of people living in Roma communities in the municipality of Blagoevgrad by implementing integrated measures, including improving access to social services, education, employment, health and non-discrimination, as well as empowering the Roma.


A popular research shows that looking into a stranger’s eyes for four minutes can bring you closer. Dozens of social experiments over the years have proven this claim. Fine Acts, with the project “Creative campaigning: innovation in support of human rights”, decided to test it too – but with a twist.