capacity building

Project: “One approach – many solutions. Model for integrated development (MID) in Samokov”

The project “One approach – many solutions. Model for Integrated Development (MID) in Samokov” aims to provide opportunities to support the successful realization and social adaptation of the residents of the Roma neighborhood in the town. It envisages the implementation of a model for integrated development (MID) of the individual and the community, which is based on the life cycle of the person and the tasks he must solve at every stage of life: from early childhood to adulthood, developed by the Health and Social Development” Foundation (HESED).

Project: “Introduction of integrated measures in support of vulnerable groups in the municipalities of Smyadovo, Vetrino and Bolyarovo”

The project foresees the development of a complex of integrated services provided by multidisciplinary teams in the municipalities of Smyadovo, Vetrino and Bolyarovo in order to improve the situation and increase opportunities for social inclusion and development of the potential of local Roma communities.

Project: “Project Generation Facility”

The Project Generation Facility (PGF) is a special facility of the Open Society Institute – Sofia for supporting CSOs which work on equal Roma inclusion to develop integration projects, access financing and effectively implement them with resources provided by available financing programmes.

Project: “Building Capacity for Educational and Social Inclusion”

The project will transfer the expertise and knowledge of the Council of Europe and the leading Bulgarian experts to the relevant participants in the various projects funded by the Programme in order to enable them to provide better services aimed at effective, inclusive and active participation in specific activities of individual projects, in accordance with applicable European standards and approaches.

Project “Enhancing the National Capacity for the Effective Implementation of the Judgments of the European Court of Human Rights”

The main objective of the project is the effective implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights and the case law of the European Court of Human Rights, as well as achieving a culture of human rights protection and creating effective instruments for prevention of future violations.