children and youth

Research report: Civic participation and civic values among children and young people from vulnerable school communities

How active are young people from vulnerable school communities? What challenges they find exciting and what are their dreams? According to data from a study by the “Open Society – Sofia” Institute, complex and multi-layered trends are observed among students in grades VII-XII from vulnerable school communities in Bulgaria: the overall picture shows a sufficiently high degree of civic energy and readiness to participate in public life . In practice, the degree of civic activity of children and youths from vulnerable school communities is not lower than that of the average adult citizen in Bulgaria.

Project: “Platforms for young art talents”

The project aims to increase access to the culture of culture and ethnic minorities (with a focus on Roma) and strengthen their engagement by an integrated set of innovative cultural and educational events, exhibitions and digital documentation of cultural history with a focus on Roma culture.

Project: “In search of Baro Mangipe”

The project is aimed at children and youth from the municipality of Belogradchik, who will have the opportunity to participate in a cultural project and improve their access to art and culture.

Project: “Inspiration – Art for Change”

Inspiration – art for change“ is a multi-genre project, which brings together professional artists from the State Puppet Theatre in Sliven, teachers from schools, which are located in neighbourhoods with predominant Roma population, professional theatre artists from Norway, as well as children and parents from the Roma community.

Project: “Dance with Me!”

The project aims to improve access to arts and culture of ethnic and cultural minorities (Roma focus) and to meet the needs of children and young people from Family-type accommodation centres by including them in a cultural and educational initiative for dance art and an innovative approach for present and promote an ethnocultural event with the participation of various specialists and artists, young artists, children, and youth (with a focus on Roma).

Project: “Panorama of Roma culture”

Project status: ongoing Implemented in:Sliven, Gorno Alexandrovo (Sliven), Zhelyo voyvoda (Sliven) Program: Cultural entrepreneurship, heritage and cooperationImplementation period: 08.02.2023 – 30.04.2024 Project Promoter: Association Roma Academy for Culture and Education, Sliven Partners: Høgskulen for grøn...

Project: “Educational theater, a tool for improved awareness of the art and culture of the roma ethnos in Bulgaria”

The overall objective of the project is to improve the situation of the Roma in Bulgaria, using culture and art as a tool for developing skills, capacity and as a pathway to education, as well as to stimulate greater social cohesion in Bulgaria through improved mutual understanding as a bilateral process between the general population and the cultures of minorities.

Project: “The cultural world reaches everyone”

The project envisages the formation of five creative studios in each settlement. These will include: theatre, oratory and poetry, music and stage dance, design and scenography, photography and applied arts. Participants in the workshops will learn various techniques and materials to prepare for stage sets, costumes, recitation of poems, theater sketches, solfege, ethnic and folk songs.

Project: “Art and Culture for All”

The objective of the project is promoting multicultural dialogue between Roma and other ethnicities through arts, tangible and intangible cultural heritage.