educational inclusion


Project: “Provision of integrated services for early childhood development in the municipality of Tvarditsa”

The project envisages the establishment of a complex of functionally related services (hubs) in three socially isolated communities on the territory of Tvarditsa town, Shivachevo town and Sborishte village. The activities of the hubs will reflect the needs of the local communities and will offer services in the fields of education, health and social activities. The target group of the complex will be children aged 0 to 6 who do not attend kindergarten or nursery and live in isolated, poor areas with a concentration of problems posing a risk of poverty and social exclusion, as well as their parents.

Project: “Early Childhood Care and Education in the Municipality of Kyustendil”

Kyustendil Municipality plans to expand the counseling services for children and their families at the Day Care Center for Children with Disabilities. The expansion of the Center’s activities will provide a complex of functional services contributing to improving the quality of life, social inclusion and early childhood development of children from vulnerable groups, including Roma communities, to ensure their equal inclusion in the formal education system.

Project: “Model for integrated development for education and care in early childhood in Sofia city”

The project aims to provide support to over 300 children and families from vulnerable groups living in three districts of Sofia Municipality, with a concentration of Roma population, residential area Filipovtsi in Lyulin district, Fakulteta district in Krasna Polyana district and Hr. Botev in Slatina district, to improve access to health care, formation of parenting skills, improve the family environment, increase school preparedness and inclusion in the education system.

Project: “Together today, together tomorrow – local communities in support of improved early childhood education and care”

The goal of the project is to improve the access to education, healthcare and social skills development for children aged 0-6 in Malko Tarnovo municipality who do not attend or do not have access to kindergarten or nursery, or live in isolated rural areas, urban and/or poor areas with a concentration of problems at risk of poverty, social exclusion and marginalization.

Project: “Building Capacity for Educational and Social Inclusion”

The project will transfer the expertise and knowledge of the Council of Europe and the leading Bulgarian experts to the relevant participants in the various projects funded by the Programme in order to enable them to provide better services aimed at effective, inclusive and active participation in specific activities of individual projects, in accordance with applicable European standards and approaches.