health mediators

Project: “Together today, together tomorrow – local communities in support of improved early childhood education and care”

The goal of the project is to improve the access to education, healthcare and social skills development for children aged 0-6 in Malko Tarnovo municipality who do not attend or do not have access to kindergarten or nursery, or live in isolated rural areas, urban and/or poor areas with a concentration of problems at risk of poverty, social exclusion and marginalization.

Project: “Healthcare for Everyone”

The main goal of the project is to improve the communication, resources and coordination at the local level in the implementation of health policies for marginalized communities by optimizing the health mediation system.


What do you do when a whole community struggles to access healthcare? In the 1990s the rates of tuberculosis infection were a hundred times higher amongst the Bulgarian Roma than in Western Europe. And many were dying of totally preventable diseases. The solution was to train up health mediators; members of the Roma community who act as a bridge between their neighbourhood, and doctors and the health system.