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Report: Combatting discrimination through enhanced access to justice in Croatia and Bulgaria

In Bulgaria and Croatia, Roma routinely experience discrimination, usually fuelled by negative attitudes and prejudices, in a variety of areas of their lives from an early age. Despite the high number of well documented occurrences, incidents of discrimination typically go unreported. Roma often think that it is not worth reporting their case as it would not change anything, while others fear that the situation would only become worse. See more.

Practical Guide on Admissibility Criteria

Bulgaria is in 14th place in terms of the number of pending appeals allocated to a judicial panel with 623 appeals and in 17th place in terms of the number of pending appeals allocated per capita. The translation of the publication in Bulgarian language (see the Bulgarian version of our site) was made possible with the financial support of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014–2021, Justice programme.

Project: “Improving the access to justice for people living under the poverty line with a special emphasis on women, children and Roma”

The main aim of the project is to further expand the system for legal aid provision to encompass more citizens with vulnerable background as well as to strengthen the state’s role in reaction to domestic and gender-based violence while exercising its duties to ensure equal and fair access to justice and legal aid to people whose fundamental human rights have been violated.