Impact Assessment Report under the project “Scaling up a sustainable model communities living in non-regulated areas to improve their living conditions – SCALE IT UP”

The Impact Assessment Report has been drafted under the project “Scaling up a sustainable model communities living in non-regulated areas to improve their living conditions – SCALE IT UP”. The project focuses on the need for improving the knowledge and competencies with respect to housing issues and ensuring equal access to public services among municipal staff and contributes to their active involvement in the process of overcoming the existing stereotypes related to the Roma communities and building mutual trust.

Project: “In search of Baro Mangipe”

The project is aimed at children and youth from the municipality of Belogradchik, who will have the opportunity to participate in a cultural project and improve their access to art and culture.

Project: “Dance with Me!”

The project aims to improve access to arts and culture of ethnic and cultural minorities (Roma focus) and to meet the needs of children and young people from Family-type accommodation centres by including them in a cultural and educational initiative for dance art and an innovative approach for present and promote an ethnocultural event with the participation of various specialists and artists, young artists, children, and youth (with a focus on Roma).

Project: “The cultural world reaches everyone”

The project envisages the formation of five creative studios in each settlement. These will include: theatre, oratory and poetry, music and stage dance, design and scenography, photography and applied arts. Participants in the workshops will learn various techniques and materials to prepare for stage sets, costumes, recitation of poems, theater sketches, solfege, ethnic and folk songs.

Project “Artistic Atelier”

The project “Artistic Workshop” addresses the needs of the Municipality of Radomir to create an ethnically tolerant environment for the development and promotion of cultural initiatives of the Roma minority, using culture and art as a means for developing skills and as a path to education.

Project: „Capacity building and awareness on domestic and gender-based violence in the South Central Region“

The goal of the project is to increase the capacity of Bulgarian local authorities in the field of domestic violence and gender-based violence. The project supports the development and introduction of an effective integrated approach aimed at improving the status and opportunities of victims of domestic and gender-based violence.

Project: „Inform – Investigate – Protect: Fighting Violence Against Women (PROTECT)“

The project is aimed at increasing the capacity of the Bulgarian authorities in the field of combating domestic violence and violence against women. Part of the activities of the project envisages the implementation of a targeted campaign to meet representatives of the judiciary with representatives of Roma communities to formulate common goals and priorities in the fight against domestic violence.

Project: „Children Path“

The “Children Path” project will prepare and introduce a specialized new service aimed at children – victims of violence, at risk or witnesses of crimes, with a special focus on children from the Roma community.

Project: “Motivated teachers – successful students”

This project was designed to support emotionally, mentally and methodologically those who work with students on a daily basis. To give them a sense that what they do is valued, that they have the tools to cope with difficult situations, and that they can be supported in difficult times.