“My job will always require sacrifices. You could see the suffering in people’s eyes, the pleas for help in order to return home recovered.”

Emanuil Atanasov is from the town of Sredets, Burgas region, a student in the “Medical Assistant” degree program at the Thracian University – Stara Zagora. He is a scholarship holder in the program for Roma students enrolled in medical studies of the Active Citizens Fund Bulgaria, managed by the Trust for Social Achievement. In parallel with the adaptation to online education during the pandemic, in the first year of his studies, Emanuil joined the ranks of his fellow medical professionals in order to be useful in times that are difficult for our healthcare system

Meet Georgi Georgiev – A Roma Student With a Dream

There’s nothing like seeing young people pursue a dream. Georgi Georgiev, from Lom in Bulgaria, is one these young talents who succeed in pursuing their own goals – his dream took him to med school. He is currently pursuing his dream degree at Medical university- Varna.

Scholar and mentor share their stories – about the desire to help and the calling that is to be a medical professional

We asked our scholar Metodi Metodiev and his mentor Dr. Diana Assenova a few questions in order to learn more about them. Their stories help us understand the significance of young Roma who are committed to the mission of studying and working hard in order to contribute to society by taking care of others.