Building and maintaining trust in vaccines and vaccination in Roma communities

During the discussion Open Society Institute – Sofia has presented the report: “Attitudes towards vaccines and vaccination against Covid-19 in five Roma communities in Bulgaria” The following topics were discussed 1) Measures and specific activities (steps) to maintain and (build) trust in existing vaccines, vaccination which is recommended and encouraged by health authorities and 2) Campaign to build trust and promote healthy behavior.

The absence of the state

For vulnerable groups, poor housing conditions are part of a vicious cycle of mutually reinforcing vulnerabilities. See more here:

Innovations for early child development at local level

Early childhood development is not yet a leading strategic priority in Bulgaria. Ensuring the rights of young children and policies targeting them remain mainly confined to the health, education and social sectors, lacking a holistic and integrated approach.

“My job will always require sacrifices. You could see the suffering in people’s eyes, the pleas for help in order to return home recovered.”

Emanuil Atanasov is from the town of Sredets, Burgas region, a student in the “Medical Assistant” degree program at the Thracian University – Stara Zagora. He is a scholarship holder in the program for Roma students enrolled in medical studies of the Active Citizens Fund Bulgaria, managed by the Trust for Social Achievement. In parallel with the adaptation to online education during the pandemic, in the first year of his studies, Emanuil joined the ranks of his fellow medical professionals in order to be useful in times that are difficult for our healthcare system

Meet Georgi Georgiev – A Roma Student With a Dream

There’s nothing like seeing young people pursue a dream. Georgi Georgiev, from Lom in Bulgaria, is one these young talents who succeed in pursuing their own goals – his dream took him to med school. He is currently pursuing his dream degree at Medical university- Varna.

We play, we learn and we grow together

„We play, we learn and we grow together“ is the slogan of one of the three projects that received consulting support under the Project Generation Facility of the Open Society Institute – Sofia and have been approved for funding under the procedure BGLD-2.003 – “Education and care in early childhood” funded by the Local Development, Poverty Reduction and Enhanced Inclusion of Vulnerable Groups Programme.

Project: “Project Generation Facility”

The Project Generation Facility (PGF) is a special facility of the Open Society Institute – Sofia for supporting CSOs which work on equal Roma inclusion to develop integration projects, access financing and effectively implement them with resources provided by available financing programmes.

FILM: The Kirilovi Familiy

The film was created within the project “…slowly, without malice, humanly…” of the Roma World -21st Century Foundation and tells the story of a Roma familly in Bulgaria.